Hola!  I'm Talia.  There is a huge chance you won't say my name right.  No fear!  People who have known me for years still say it wrong!  I'll make sure to pronounce it for you when we speak!


It was a sunny, Wednesday afternoon on April 26, 2017 when I walked down the aisle, hand in hand with my now-husband, Kenneth.  We took the "non-traditional" route and eloped to the church where I was baptized and raised in.  It was a simple, yet perfect day.  Just over a year later, we celebrated with our friends and family.  


After planning other weddings and corporate events, I knew I wanted to help others plan important celebrations.  Every couple's story is unique.  It would be my honor to get to know you and make sure your day is just as special as mine on Four 26.


Finding the perfect-for-you coordinator or planner is kind of like dating.  Maybe once you get to me, you'll swipe left and I will have done the same - or is it right?! (The first picture I saw of my husband was in the days of Myspace!  Tinder wasn't even thought of back then!)

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