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Megan Just Clicks at Broadslab!

Creative, vibrant and fun. That’s how Megan Morales describes her photography. A search on Google for “The Barn at Broadslab” or “Broadslab Distillery” and you’ll scroll through pages of her creative works. She's photographed more than 15 weddings there. There is no way around it, Megan just clicks at Broadslab.


Before most brides are engaged, they have their eye on a photographer to capture all the special moments. Megan Morales was no different. She hired her photographer before she and her husband, Chris, had booked their venue or set a date!

Megan has captured the hearts (and images) of many couples and families since 2012. When she started her photography business, it began as Megan Jones Photography. Fast forward a few years and a husband (Chris), Megan Morales Photography is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers locally. Although Megan is based in Johnston County, she is willing to travel wherever her camera leads.


Getting to Know Megan

What is your favorite part of being a wedding photographer?

“I love seeing how everything comes together on the wedding day. From planning my own wedding, I know how much goes into them and it’s so cool to see how different each couples’ wedding day is and of course being able to capture it for them so they can relive it over and over.”

What separates you from other photographers?

“My art background allows me to have a very creative approach to capturing my clients and I keep things lighthearted and fun throughout the process. It’s important for me to capture natural emotions and I aim for my images to truly represent who I’m photographing.”

You have to listen to the same song on repeat for 24 hours. What song do you pick?

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston”


Before transitioning to photography full time, Megan was an art teacher at South Johnston High School, which is where she graduated from (Go Trojans!).


What do you wish you had budgeted more for your wedding?

"I’ve been married almost 4 years and one thing I would change about my own wedding is the number of people I invited. I felt like I needed to invite everyone (even if I hadn’t talked to them in a while) and looking back, I would have rather spent that money on something else. What exactly? I’m not sure. I was really happy with everything - maybe just more flowers everywhere - like a floral explosion!"

Megan isn't the only one who wished she didn't invite so many people. This is something I hear from many people. When you're planning a wedding, you feel the need to invite all. the. people. Keep in mind, your headcount makes the biggest impact on your budget. More people = more money! Why? You need more space, more food, more linens!


Megan's art doesn’t come solely in the form of photography now. She also creates hand-painted styling mats for other creatives to utilize in their photography. Check you her other works of art on etsy: styling.unmatched!


What celebrity's wedding do you wish you could be hired for?

“LEONARDO DICAPRIO. I love him. Actually I hope he’s marrying me.. (sorry Chris!) Only kidding, but I would DIE to just be in the same room as him!”

What's one piece of advice you have for couples who are planning their wedding?

"My advice - make sure you do what YOU want when planning your wedding. Also, I understand weddings can get expensive so when planning your budget I highly recommend hiring a good photographer. If you choose to have a small budget for other things or even have a DIY wedding, a GOOD photographer can make things look great and after all, your wedding photos/video is all you’re going to have to remember your wedding so choose wisely!"


Be sure to register for The Barn at Broadslab Open House and Bridal Showcase on Sunday, March 29, 2020. Megan will be there showcasing her photography and photobooth! You can see her work on her website, Facebook, or Instagram.

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